First post!

This is my very first post on this blog. It’s more of a test, with no real content. So far, I’ve completed the basic design for the web site and added a little summary about myself in the “About Me” page on top. More content is on the way.

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  • Bruce Robbins

    Dear Mr. Hassanpur,

    I don’t know how to reach you by email, and I don’t use twitter, so I don’t really know how to reach you.

    I simply want to tell you that the work that you have posted here has helped me a great deal with my android development.  You are truly a competent engineer.  I have a long background in embedded work, but I’m just beginning to develop for android.  Thank you for your examples here.

    If you would like to correspond with me, I would welcome that by email.

    Again, thank you, and I wish you good luck with your work and with your education at SJSU.

    Yours truly,

    • Mujtaba Hassanpur

      Hi Mr. Robbins,

      Thanks for the kind words. I have replied to your message via e-mail.

      – Mujtaba