Importing example projects into Eclipse and Aptana

I received some questions on how to download and view the source code from my article Android Development: Implementing a simple Client-Server model, so I’ve created a post explaining how to do this. The code for this example (and future ones) are available from my Google Code repository. You can view the source code from your browser, or use a Subversion client to checkout the projects.

If you use Eclipse or Aptana as your IDE, you can simply Download and Install the Subclipse plug-in to import the code. I’ve personally installed both the Aptana and Subclipse plug-ins for Eclipse out of convenience.

Example: Importing the AndroidListServerExample into Eclipse as an Aptana Web project

NOTE: This assumes that you have both the Subclipse and Aptana plug-ins installed for Eclipse. If you don’t have them installed yet, refer to the installation instructions for those plug-ins on their respective web sites first.

Create a new project:File -> New -> Project…

In the New Project Wizard, choose: SVN -> Checkout Projects from SVN and click Next

Then choose Create a new repository location and click Next

In the next page, enter the URL of the repository: then click Next

You should then see all of the projects in that repository. Select the AndroidListServerExample project, as shown below, and then click Finish

Importing AndroidListServerExample

Importing AndroidListServerExample using Subclipse

That’s it! The project should now be imported to your workspace.

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  • Mandapallideepika

    hi this deepu, and i am using eclipse bt what u mensioned above new-> project-> svn, here i have cvn ,in that it is asking for host ,  repository path fields for location and username and password for authentication….. what do i do?
    do guide me,plz