GeoMunch for Android: Location-based Reminders

I recently released my first Android app: GeoMunch. It took about two months to design, implement, test, and publish it to the Android Market. Check it out: GeoMunch web site.


GeoMunch is a location-based reminder app. You enter a location (or Wi-Fi network), along with a note, and it will send a notification when you get to your location.


  • Reminds you of errands when you’re out shopping.
  • Use it to keep track of “things to do” and “places to see” the next time you visit a city.


  • Easily add new reminders by using your current location, searching for locations, entering an address, or tapping a location on the map.
  • Create reminders based on Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Enable/disable reminders when you don’t need them
  • Customize notification options: ringtone, vibrate, blinking LED, on-screen notifications (when screen is locked).
  • Manage settings for location providers, GPS poll interval, background service.
  • Conserve power when battery gets too low, by automatically shutting down background service.
  • Share reminders with friends via e-mail, text message, tweets, etc.

Free Version

  • No advertisement, fully-functional.
  • Limit of 5 reminders (purchase Pro License to remove limit).


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  • Satvik

    Awesome app!!

  • Satvik

    What is the process to put our apps on Android market?

  • Andreas Chrastka

    i’ve tried downloading GeoMunch as it seems to be just what i’ve been looking for. Sadly my Razr (XT910) isn’t supported – well, at least the market says so… Any plans or ideas to change that?

    cheers, Andi