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Importing example projects into Eclipse and Aptana

I’ve received some questions on how to download and view the source code from my article Android Development: Implementing a simple Client-Server model, so I’ve created a post explaining how to do this. The code for this example (and future ones) are available from my Google Code repository. You can view through source code from your browser, or use a Subversion client to checkout the projects. Continue reading

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Taking control of your web site with a Virtual Private Server!

My first attempt at creating a web site started with back in 1999. I was in high school then, and the Dot-com Bubble was still growing. Homestead, like all early web hosting providers, was a shared web hosting service. This meant that users had very little control over what could be done with the web site. Even web hosts that targeted the tech-savvy web developer had their limitations. The machines powering these web sites ran a single operating system instance and provided only the most common services: web server, FTP, and perhaps CGI-Perl, PHP, or MySQL. Continue reading

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